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With these tricks you will know how to distinguish if the meat you are going to buy is of the highest quality or not.

  • The beef has a uniform bright red color. If it looks very red, it has been refrigerated for a long time.
  • Both pork and beef are pink.
  • Its consistency should feel firm, yet flexible when pressed with your fingertips.
  • Slide your index finger across the surface and if it slides smoothly (as if it had an oil film), don’t hesitate, it is quality and it will be soft when cooked.
  • Does it feel too mushy? It means that it contains 60% water, instead of the 40% that is of superior quality.
  • If you are in the supermarket, remove the package from the refrigerator and observe it under ambient light so that you can clearly appreciate the color of the meat.
    You must have little or no nerve.

Source:  Cocina Fácil.

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