About Ander's Prime

We are committed to total transparency and quality about our products.

We are an innovative company where we produce food and meat products following the most demanding quality standards, which allows our clients the confidence of obtaining food based on timely attention; facilitating greater production and satisfaction in the demand of its final consumers.


Hygienic and Healthy

We comply with all hygiene and sanitation standards required by the state of Utah.


Easy to Cook

First quality meats, easy to cook to create your delicious recipes.


Farm Fresh Meats

We have the freshest cuts, from the farm to your table.


Delivery Home

The best of our brand, deliveries at the door of your home so you don't waste time and you can enjoy with your family.

Our Mission

Work energetically in food processing to earn and maintain the trust of our customers under rigorously high standards, highlighting the quality of the product followed by the service focused on the comfort and time of the consumer.

Our Vision

To be a leading company in food processing, especially meat that provides the best service and quality in the state of Utah and beyond its borders, satisfying the needs of customers through a multidisciplinary team that together we create, build and empower ourselves. what we do, delighting our consumers by showing them any variety of meats they want to buy online, making direct deliveries of the product just in time.

Strategic Objective

Provide the best online service guaranteeing the quality of the product under the comfort and specifications of the client, empowering us while maintaining the trust of the client.

Business Values

Quality - Puntuality - Responsibility - Confidence - Teamwork - Competitiveness - Empathy - Honesty - Gratitude - Respect